Majestic Realty Services

Majestic Realty Services, Inc. was established in 1994 with the purpose of managing, leasing and brokering real estate properties as if they were our own. Our ability to offer complete involvement in all aspects of management, leasing and brokerage enables us to maximize the value of your property. This is what sets us apart from other real estate companies.

The strong combination of skills, knowledge, reputation, rapport and experience in working with property owners, investors, brokers, tenants and contractors is what produces successful real estate investments. This philosophy demands knowledgeable and dedicated personnel to assure that we provide complete and timely services while building strong client relationships.

Majestic Realty Inc. has assembled an incredible team of seasoned real estate professionals that bring over one hundred years of brokerage, management and maintenance experience. Members of the Majestic Realty team are recruited and selected based on their knowledge, experience, integrity, and service orientation, as well as their ability to work with people. Personal attention from this skilled team of professionals can be put to work for real estate owners who realize the need for the potent combination of factors that Majestic Realty Inc. can bring to your real estate investment.

Serving people is our business.